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The Benefits Of Attending Drug And Alcohol Rehab With Pets

As researchers continue to learn more about the effects of pets on mood and behavior, more and more drug and alcohol rehab facilities are starting to allow patients to bring their pets along with them to treatment. Attending drug and alcohol rehab with pets provides a number of benefits, many of which can help patients recover more quickly.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment With Your Pet

Addiction often goes hand-in-hand with mood disorders like depression and anxiety. Throughout the years, countless studies have discovered that spending time with pets can be beneficial for patients who suffer from these common problems. Allowing patients to bring their pets to a treatment facility can help them recover from any mental health problems that could be making their addiction worse. When people can get a handle on problems like depression and anxiety, they are in a much better position to overcome whatever type of addiction they may be facing.

Easier to Socialize

Pets can also make it easier for patients to socialize. They are a natural conversation starter, making it easier for other people to approach the patient and strike up a conversation. This can help people who are shy or anxious about social situations overcome their isolation. In the process, they can develop better social skills while at the same time building long-lasting friendships. The type of social interaction facilitated by pets can create a support system that patients can count on long after they get out of treatment.

Helping With Traumatic Situations

Researchers have long realized the positive impact that pets can have on patients who are dealing with traumatic situations. In fact, therapy animals are often used at hospitals or after natural disasters to help people deal with the emotions that they are feeling. Oftentimes, people who go into treatment facilities have been through a traumatic situation. They may be suffering from posttraumatic stress syndrome or they may have health conditions like dementia. Being able to bring a pet to the treatment facility along with them is a great way to counteract these problems, increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Helping Patients Exercise

Pets like dogs also are excellent for encouraging patients to exercise. When people are caught up in the throes of addiction, they often allow their health to decline, eating an unhealthy diet and failing to get the exercise that they need. Treatment provides a chance to get back on the right track, developing healthier habits in relation to diet and exercise. Pets provide the perfect excuse to get out and exercise. Walking a dog in the fresh air is a great way to get exercise while at the same time learning how to be responsible again.

As you can see, attending drug and alcohol rehab with pets provides countless benefits for patients. Having a pet on hand can help patients recover from their addictions more quickly. It can also encourage addicts to look outside themselves, learning how to be responsible for another's well-being in the process. As researchers continue to discover the benefits of having pets around during treatment, an increasing number of facilities are allowing patients to bring them along with them as they go through rehab.

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